Application (Please read this first)

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Application (Please read this first)

Post  McJargon on Thu Feb 26, 2009 11:52 pm

Thanks For showing interest in the United Travian Federation (UTF).

The United Travian Federation is an alliance that is establishing itself in all areas of Please apply here and we will look over your application and decide whether or not to accept you.

If you wish to join please fill out this application and post it as a new thread. The subject should be your in-game name. Do NOT register on our forums if you are filling out an application. We will message you if we are interested.

Player Name:

Coordinates (for each village you own):

Normal Activity per day:


Troop count:

Current Population:

Days since you started the account:

How long have you been playing Travian? Do you have past experience?

Are you regularly attacked or farmed?

Before this, were you in any other alliances? If so why did you leave?

Why do you want to join this alliance?

The forums are our main communication link. Would
you commit to reviewing them at least daily?

What can you offer this alliance?

Do you actively raid? Approximately how many different people do you attack daily?

Do you have a sitter and are you sitting for anyone?

Do you have any family/friends in this alliance?

Any extra qualities about yourself that you think may help you get in?

Have you CAREFULLY read the rules of the United Travian Federation, can we depend on you to follow them?

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